Oct 14, 2016

【 ORIGAMI:折り紙 】NIKON D500 / AF-S NIKKOR 50mm

【 ORIGAMI MOMIJI :折り紙 もみじ 】NIKON D500 / AF-S NIKKOR 50mm ( f/2.5 1/80 )

【 ORIGAMI BOXIES:折り紙 小さな箱 】NIKON D500 / AF-S NIKKOR 50mm ( f/3.5 1/80 )



Japanese origami is a plain, but it's popular hobby in a foreign country for a long time. Fold a crane to a foreigner who does not know the origami rejoice hella say and to present as a "never seen such a gift! My friend!". Be the next day that have been broken down or went to play in the house of a friend in the "no return to the ... original (tears)" is also common. Recently it has been published a book of origami even in a foreign country. Old man to continue diligently folding even that many. Or preventing senility (laughs).

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