Oct 4, 2016

【 Pictogram:ピクトグラム 】NIKON D500 / TAMRON SP 85mm

【 Pictogram:ピクトグラム 】NIKON D500 / TAMRON SP 85mm ( f/5 1/125 )


Pictogram flooding the town. Mark pointing to the town of public institutions. This pictogram has become very difficult. Since the representation of the non-Japanese also began, it becomes a way to push forcibly put the words of the various countries. Very difficult to arrange clean the characters and alphabets than Japanese. It requires designers with expertise and cleanly it comes to layout design. Feeling that want to help a variety of people can be seen. There, therefore it becomes difficult, and design becomes poor people will be confused. And it will be disappointed. To fix clean is good and to prepare the human resources that excel in layout design sense. Easy to understand the city if so, be beautiful, gather further people.

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