Sep 23, 2016

【 a lots of direction :標識 】NIKON D700 / AF MICRO NIKKOR 105mm

【 a lots of direction :標識 】NIKON D700 / AF MICRO
NIKKOR 105mm ( f/4 1/60 )


【 english 】

Label facing a lot of direction. Color is interesting. Futako objects that had been placed in the Tsutaya appliances Tamagawa. Matrix of movie Doors open waiting on the other side. Futako Tsutaya consumer electronics of Tamagawa is favorite location. In addition to this there is a lot of, Mac or camera, or music system of miscellaneous goods, in a variety of select book of clearance gap, such as Starbucks and television even this! It sorts about that. Because here many take pictures, after you have finished shooting, it is good for development work on a laptop while drinking coffee slowly.

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