Sep 19, 2016

【 Shop sign:お店の看板 】iPhone 4

【 Shop sign:お店の看板 】iPhone 4 ( f/2.8  1/450 ) 




Shop sign. Style, such as elongated light from the shop of the wall come popping out. new. Brand logo also are to clean font design. Such gimmick is really interesting. I feel awkward. There is no other, one-of-a-kind style. What you have properly designed in such wind is good if a lot to the city. I think there a lot gather area is natural and human. Also important to stick to the traditional style from the old days. But modern living modern design properly. Power that things survive if design power of selection has been a good design will be evaluated more. I also think that going to live in the power of design.

Since this sign was in a very high position, it has not been captured by the surface. Because it was neat sunny day captures the shadow grew angle in the sense, diagonal take. Texture of the walls are also reflected well. Since I was not already have a single-lens reflex camera shooting, I was taken with iPhone. Tokyo, the Harajuku is full of interesting city even if you all day shooting, never troubled to look for the subject.

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