Sep 19, 2016

【 shop sign : 看板 】iPhone 5s

【 shop sign : 看板 】iPhone 5s ( f/2.2 1/6849 )





Builders of the signboard. I do not know whether the sense is good, easy to remember to get. You feel you are taking balance the character of the layout that mess be kept to a black-and-white (matte). Very difficult I array of such character. Crowded into all of the characters in the round, work that can finish a single one of the characters in the original one is a very because there is no correct answer. Combination of letters and Chinese characters are also increasing the difficulty.

This photo is also right in the middle of the center layout. If this kind of case it is what you in the back is not required, a photo is funny. Devise to avoid as much as possible from entering in the composition. But, in many cases not help how to.

iPhone shutter speed of when I took this photo is faster. iPhone's selling the photos can be taken only by anyone press, but the shutter speed is fast of surprised to here. Use technology feel the intention Leave a good photo with anything.

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