Sep 20, 2016

【 eye from sky : 上からの景色 】iPhone 4

【 eye from sky : 上からの景色 】iPhone 4 ( f/2.8 1/335 )




Shoot the roof under the building from the observatory of different building. Usually, a strange feel because scenery unfamiliar. I wonder if always see the scenery of this feeling is the bird. Although it is gone to there point of view because the large building, such just around, also is reflected finely small building in the distance. Building around Shinjuku Looking at the distant buildings is understood well how much greater.

This is also taken with iPhone. A look at the monitor, will turn off the shutter to check the composition or are in the can properly screen those you want to shoot myself. When the iPhone's camera is to touch the dark part of the subject that is reflected in the monitor, exposed to the part is taken are adjusted. With this feature, you should take pictures beautiful even when somewhat dark. By all means, please try.

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