Sep 25, 2016

【 Street light:街灯 】NIKON D500 / AF-S NIKKOR 50mm

【 Street light:街灯 】NIKON D500 / AF-S NIKKOR 50mm ( F/1.8 1/160 )


【 english 】

Mood of the people that the city of streetlights live in cool and the city will be better. Once upon a time, when I was living in France, where the city's street lighting was also surprised at the really cool thing. It has been design in town (surprise). Japan ended the war, the economy is also experience bubble to reconstruction, because he was in a country where spend is usually routine, should I focus the design force in said part way in the future. And the city of street lights, electric wires, telephone poles, etc., still noticeable part is full. It recreates new ones you are using from the old days we need a big force, wash out these parts, should retract the human from more and more foreign If we fix. Everyone should be surprised in that you have design the power to gather so much people.

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