Sep 19, 2016

【 lighting :照明 】NIKON D700 / TAMRON SP 85mm

【 lighting :照明 】NIKON D700 / TAMRON SP 85mm (f/3.5 1/50) 



Waffle round Long sleeve which was hung in the apparel shop. Earth colors. Lighting from above it is seen ups and downs of the mannequin body. Shop logo in nailing, has become a shadow of nails that can be light hitting from the top to the accent. A brick wall portions are painting in off-white with something like paint cement. While producing a clean antique feeling, thereby complement the product. Shop show window is a lot of fun is condensed are various ideas. Brand in order to convey the brand's concept is building a shop to devise. Clerk is confronted by a new layout each time a new product is in stock, attracting the audience's attention. The is a lot of fun to shoot it. My Google plus was up a photo of the black-and-white version, this blog tried in the color version.

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