Sep 21, 2016

【 British Car:イギリス製の車 】canon EOS kiss X7 / canon EF 85mm

【 British Car:イギリス製の車 】canon EOS kiss X7 / canon EF 85mm ( f/2 1/125 )



British-made car. In the UK, cute car a lot. Also to good this land Rover, Range Rover, Defender, also kind of MINI and car lot. Since never actually bought a British-made car, I do not know whether or not convenient to use everyday, have come up with aura, such as visiting a nice every day. Since the design is also different from the Japan of the car, I encounter an interesting Solving car, start shooting immediately. Since the car is large, it is often not enter the viewfinder and it single focus telephoto that I use. So, in a sense, such as going to cut the cute part of the car in the photo, and bits and pieces shooting, keep reservoir take. 's The best if you can If shooting playing from a distance.

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