Sep 24, 2016

【 moving and stop : 停車してるのと動いてるの 】canon EOS kiss X7 / EF 85mm

【 moving and stop : 停車してるのと動いてるの 】canon EOS kiss X7 / EF 85mm ( f/1.8 1/25 )


【 english 】

I tried to shoot tips of has stopped the car. Behind the car has passed. Since the car is larger every single part, it does not enter the viewfinder If you do not put a considerable distance when shooting in telephoto lens. Likely it referred to as "focal length There 's should I use a short lens," but, that's right at all. Yes. But when I'm this, rather than with other than 85mm of lens, yet pulling a dog in one hand, harsh conditions of single-lens reflex in one hand. In everyday life, shooting technology improvement is the repetition of such work. It does not go as you think quite. One is a photo that can be used with 100 shots, whether or not there is a percentage of the much. If accustomed to at the very least so that only the focus is combined firm, but I think that reduces the photo to become a dead issue, the situation that is pulled to the dog at the moment which determines the composition slowly while looking through the viewfinder. Training journey continues.

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